Leaked GTA 6 Romance Options Might Totally Change the Single-Player Experience

GTA 6 Lucia

At this point, gamers’ knowledge of GTA 6 exceeds what they are supposed to actually know about the upcoming game. However, without all the leaked info, we would have taken wild guesses regarding the GTA V successor, which would have eventually disappointed us, much like how the definitive edition of GTA San Andreas did.

Nonetheless, previously, we have had a leak that gave us a glimpse of a new feature that Rockstar might introduce in the multiplayer mode of GTA VI. And the recent leak hints at a core mechanism of the single-player mode. That is, the story mode could be much more dynamic than the campaign mode of GTA V.

Leaked Scripts of GTA VI Sheds Light on the Romance Options

Romance options are generally associated with RPG games. However, light romance features did make their way to other genres over the years. Rockstar has even played around with the mechanism before, but the implementation was very light. For example, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had a similar mechanism.

On that title, you could have multiple girlfriends. The same thing applies to GTA 4, where you could go on dates with random people you find on the online dating sites of the game. However, Rockstar did not use the mechanic in its recent releases, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5.

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GTA 6 Lucia

Well, Rockstar seems to be exploring the dynamic of romance options in games again. As we all know from the major leak that happened last year, GTA 6 will have a female protagonist. Rumors further suggested that there would be a male protagonist too. And the recent map leak kind of confirmed it.

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GTA 6 Jason

Nonetheless, a Reddit user went through the leak and found scripts. The leaked scripts of the GTA VI hint that players can choose to form a romantic or platonic relationship between the two characters.

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What Romance Options Could Mean on the Single-Player Mode

So, the leaked GTA 6 scripts suggest that players can make Jason and Lucia have a romantic relationship with each other. It also hints that players could choose not to. According to the leak, the event list includes several missions. You can complete all of them in a pragmatic, cool, or romantic approach.

That means a romantic relationship between the two of the protagonists of GTA VI is not mandatory. But the relationship that you form between the protagonists might have an effect on the missions. Maybe, when you are taking a romantic approach to finish the missions, there could be extra “heat” in the events within the missions.

But again, if this script leak of GTA 6 is accurate, there will definitely be brand-new dynamics in the game. It will offer the players more freedom regarding how the protagonists interact with each other and how the dynamics between the duo unfold throughout the story mode.


On the note of protagonists finishing missions together, GTA V was great in that regard. So, with a romance option in the game, there will definitely be a new twist in how players decide to go through the storyline.

Nonetheless, like any other leaks, you should take all these pieces of info with a grain of salt. Yes, the major GTA 6 of last year was indeed a big thing. And as most of the footage was deleted from the internet, there are still many things that we could not catch when we first viewed it.

So, even if this romance option was in the leaked GTA VI video, it could very well be chopped from the final release. There might not even be any romance option in the game.

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