This Google Search Heat Alert Will Save You From Disasters!

Google search heat alerts

Google search heat alert s now a reality. The search giant aims to assist its users during harsh weather conditions. Google will provide alerts through certain initiatives such as tracking wildfires, hurricane warnings, pushing earthquakes, and sending flood alerts on phones. Apart from these worst weather conditions, the search giant will also offer heat wave alerts to its users.

This will be part of future Google search results. With this, Google will furnish information about extreme or hot weather conditions and real-time warnings. Google Search Heat Alert will provide a forecast of the timeframe of a heat wave and when it will start. It will also show how long the heat wave will last. This information will be available to the public in the coming months.

Google Search Heat Alerts Is Yet Another Milestone…

Google shared a blog post highlighting the latest feature. As per the blog post, around half a million people lose their lives due to exposure to severe heat waves. Surprisingly, the death toll has been increasing every year. This will help protect people from weather-related harm.

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Notably, Google will provide people with tips on how to protect themselves and heal if they’re harmed. Google Search Heat Alerts will furnish relevant information in search results. The search giant has tested this feature with the help of the Global Heat Health Information Network.

Google has always been at the forefront of protecting the health and safety of people. It is a great help for users who use the forum to access information. It has a great history. For example, in 2017, it launched SOS Alerts to help people provide valuable information during disasters. It was a great initiative for weather alerts, especially for predictable floods that were coming.

The 2021 Tree Canopy program offers advanced AI abilities and aerial imagery to pinpoint hotspots in a city with less tree cover. This helps city planners specify heat islands to determine areas with higher temperatures than surrounding regions. The latest Google Search heat alerts are an extension of the Tree Canopy program.

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