Over 80% of iPhone users switch to a new iPhone after losing their phone


Users have always lauded the iPhone as a high-end mobile phone for its superior quality, superior performance, simplicity, and ease of use. Users of iPhones are far more devoted to the brand than owners of other mobile phone brands. On April 11, Mobile China noted that a poll found that more than 80% of iPhone owners had traded in their old device for a new one after losing it. In fact, it is almost as if iPhone users do not think twice before getting another iPhone.

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According to relevant surveys, mobile phone buyers in the market tend to value the most. Once the mobile phone is stolen or damaged, more than 80% of users will buy a new iPhone right away (or within a few days). Only 6% of iPhone users are willing to wait longer than a week. It is not hard to figure out that many people, regardless of other brands, will only ever use iPhones after using Apple mobile devices. Another study conducted at the same time further confirms the finding that iPhone users are more devoted to their brand than Android users. According to the study, iPhone users are 18% more devoted to a brand than Android users.

iPhone 15 will bring some decent upgrades

It is important to note that the iPhone 15 has recently received many searches. This device has caught the interest of many online users.  The iPhone 15 is most likely to arrive this fall. This is because Apple typically releases the new iPhone in the middle of September.

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Currently, information about this mobile phone is widely publicized online. According to the most recent reports, Apple will significantly alter the layout and configuration of the iPhone 15 series. Samsung M12 Display will be used throughout the entire series. The top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to cost 20,000 yuan (about $2904). Of course, there are some upgrades in this device which will make it that expensive. Click here to check out the likely upgrades

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