Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Charging Test Reveals Shocking News

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung has been offering wireless charging for its Galaxy S series for a good while now. And just like last year, the Galaxy S23 series is not different in that regard. However, it seems that Samsung wanted to play it safe with the charging speeds. Even the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra is stuck with 15W wireless charging speed!

But the thing is, 15W is not that bad for a phone with 5000mAh. However, a recent test shows that the Samsung Galaxy S23 family does not even manage to hit the advertised speed! Yes, the S23 Ultra is much slower than the Galaxy S22 Ultra when it comes to wireless charging speeds!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Is a Major Downgrade Over S22 Ultra In Wireless Charging

So, the charging information comes from the team of PhoneArena, who has pitted the entire Galaxy S23 series against the S22 family. The test also included several iPhone models to make the comparison between the Galaxy devices exciting. For the Galaxy devices, the team utilized Samsung 15W wireless charging pad (EP-P2400).

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger

On the other hand, the team utilized Apple’s official 20W charging pad for the iPhones. Now, the main part is, what do the results show? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is much slower than the S22 devices when it comes to wireless charging. To be specific, the Galaxy S23 Ultra takes two hours and 37 minutes to top up.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra takes one hour and 58 minutes to top up. So, by comparison, the Galaxy S22 Ultra topped up 39 minutes faster than the S23 Ultra. Here, you need to note that both devices come with the same battery capacity. So, it’s not like the newer phone has a large cell than the predecessor.

Wireless Charging Speed Galaxy S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra

Even the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro charge faster than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Yes, Apple does utilize a faster wireless charging pad. But, still, there should not be such a massive difference.

What Is Making the S23 Series Charge Slow In Wireless Mode?

You might say that the team did not use the right wireless charger, which is why the Galaxy S23 series did not offer better results. Well, as mentioned earlier, the test included the official wireless charging pad from Samsung. So, there is no chance that the charging pad is the issue here.

galaxy s23 ultra screen
Img Source: 9to5Google

Does that mean Samsung has intentionally lowered the charging speed? PhoneArena thinks precisely that. According to the outlet, Samsung might have slowed the wireless charging speed for concerns regarding battery degradation and heat. Then again, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a “fast wireless charging” toggle.

Samsung has been offering the same option in its flagships for years now. And the entire Galaxy S23 Ultra provides the feature. However, PhoneArena did not check whether this toggle was enabled or not. So, there could be a chance that the phones were charging slowly due to not having the feature enabled.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera

That said, there should not be such a massive difference, even with the feature disabled on the Galaxy S23 series. After all, it is strange that Samsung claims 15W speeds for the series, but only one enjoys it.

Nonetheless, the outlet has also asked Samsung for clarification regarding the slow charging speed of the Galaxy S23 series. PhoneArena is likely to update the test result page after Samsung gets back to them. Maybe, the “fast wireless charging” was indeed off in the S23 lineup, which might have drastically impacted the speeds.

Until then, let us know what you think the reason could be. Do you think that Samsung has skimped out on the wireless charging tech on the S23 series?

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