Fans Are Divided Over Xbox Holding Back GTA 6 Release


Grand Theft Auto Six has been one of the most anticipated games of all time. And even though we are getting leaks and speculations about the game from time to time, there has not been a solid confirmation about GTA 6 from Rockstar. This has been worrying fans about whether the game is being held back by last-gen consoles.

Specifically, the Xbox Series S. Yes, the Series S is a great little console, but it is not even near the PlayStation 5 or Series X when it comes to performance. To be exact, the internals are quite inferior. That is making the fans wonder whether that console will hold back the release of GTA 6.

Will Xbox Series S Actually Hold Back the Release of GTA Six?

In a new post on the GTA 6 Reddit page, one Redditor asked whether the Xbox Series S will hold back the game’s release. Again, the concern of the fan is quite valid, as the console has pretty inferior internals. And that could make Rockstar take more time than usual to optimize the game on the console.

GTA 6 Lucia
GTA 6 Lucia

But will that actually be the case? One Reddit user came up with quite a valid user. According to that Redditor, GTA 6 will also come to PC. And that automatically means Rockstar will optimize the game for as many systems as possible. Basically, it does not really matter whether the system is powerful or weak.

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First GTA 6 Screenshot
GTA 6 leaked screenshot

In other words, Xbox Series S might not actually hold back the release of GTA Six. Rockstar can easily reduce the NPC density, turn the ray-tracing and fancy effects off, and cap the game at 30 FPS for that specific console. But what about the PS4 and Xbox One? Well, the game might not come out on those gaming consoles.

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