Google’s Foldable Smartphone is Set to Launch in June, A Great Smartphone with A Very Attractive Price

Google Foldable Device

The foldable market keeps growing each and every year and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. Day-in day-out, more users around the world are finding interests in foldable smartphones. Initially, you could not place a bet on the success of folding smartphones. Most of these devices looked like experimental projecs which was far from ready. Samsung came under a lot of criticisms after launching its first Galaxy fold.

If you could take a closer look at the first generation of the Galaxy fold at that time, you could easily say that such tech was not yet ready. Apart from the bulky looks and that large creese, the device was just full of problems. Most of the problems  were with the internal screens. The screen could break easily without the user applying any force.

The mechanical engineering within the hinge was one of the main causes of the screen breakages. Apart from the ugly looks and bad quality, the price was another turn off. Purchasing such a product at that time was just not a reasonable thing to do. However, things have changed swiftly in recent years. Foldable phones have come a long way within a short time and Google sees this year as the best year to venture into the folding industry.

Google Will Launch a Foldable Device in June Google Foldable Device

A report from CNBC suggests that Google plans to launch its foldable phone, the Pixel Fold in June. As usual, the foldable phone will not come cheap. The report claims that the Pixel Fold will sell at a price of $1,700 which is still quite cheaper than a few others on the market.

Google may announce the device in May at the Google I/O and the search engine giant has made a very bold statement about its upcoming device. The company says that its foldable phone will have the strongest hinge on the market. The internal screen will measure 7.6″ when you unfold it. When folded, it will be able to fit into the pocket easily. It will be a water resistant smartphone with enough battery to last you for 24hrs.

Google is a company that tries to keep prices of its products quite low. The prices of hinges and folding screens have contributed to the expensive price tag. Google has already prepared the software for folding device with the launch of Android 12L. The Pixel fold will demonstrate the full potentials of this software, as reported by CNBC.

Google Beats Apple in Foldable Devices Google Foldable Device

Reports of Apple’s own foldable devices has been around for over three years now. But we are yet to see the Cupertino company finally launch a such a product. Instead, the iPhone maker is focusing on a foldable iPad. If the rumors surrounding the launch date of the Pixel fold is true, it will mean that Google has taken a step ahead of Apple in this segment.

As it stands now, Apple has not made any statement about it’s foldable iPhone or when the company intends to go into that business. However, analysts have suggested that the company will only go into the foldable world after 2025.

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