Telegram Has Introduced New Features That Could Totally Crush WhatsApp

There is no denying that Telegram has grown to become the biggest threat to the dominance of WhatsApp. The instant messaging app that launched in August 2013 actually made a big announcement at that time. Allowing the transfer of files as large as 1GB while WhatsApp was still stuck at only 16MB. Telegram also allowed large group size of up to 5,000 members in 2015 while WhatsApp was stick stuck to just 30 group members at that same time.

So, yes, Telegram stepped into the instant messaging field with WhatsApp as its main target. I mean, considering the fact that it came with more of everything that WhatsApp had to offer. WhatsApp may still remain the most popular instant messaging platform, but Telegram is not too far behind, especially considering the fact that Telegram is 4 years younger.

Telegram Leads WhatsApp in Features

When it comes to what they both have to offer, it is easier to say that WhatsApp is still playing the catch-up game. Telegram leads by some reasonable distance here. To make matters worse for WhatsApp, Telegram is not even stopping there. The London based instant messaging app has just announced more features. With these new features, Telegram will surely move even closer to the popularity of WhatsApp.

Shareable Chat Folders Features

Telegram Features

Telegram has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to share their chat folders via links. By sharing a link, you can invite your colleagues or friends to join your workgroups. They can also access collections of news channels without any effort. With just a single tap, they can add the folder to their own Telegram app and join all the chats within the folder instantly. This feature makes it much easier to collaborate and share information with others on the platform.

Telegram’s chat folder feature also supports multiple invite links. This means you can create links that provide access to different chats within the same folder. When creating a link, you can choose which chats you want to include and give it a unique name. A name that reflects its contents. For instance, you can name a link “colleagues” or “Managers” depending on the chats that are included. This feature allows you to share specific chats with different groups of people without giving them access to the entire folder.

As an admin of the folder, you can always add new chats to your folder and update the link. After updating the link, members will get the links as a suggested chats that they could join.

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Custom Wallpapers Features

With the new Telegram update, you can now apply custom wallpapers to each chat. You have the option to either use any photo of your choice or color combinations. This new feature will help you make each chat standout. After you add the custom wallpaper, the other party in the chat receives a special message. This message prompts them to also add the same wallpaper or set their own custom wallpaper.

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Better Bots Telegram Features

Telegram’s bots have the capability to host web apps that can offer a variety of services and utilities to millions of users. These web apps can now be easily launched in any chat within the platform.

Users can access these web apps by mentioning the bot’s username in any chat on Telegram or through a direct link. For instance, if you type “@durgerkingbot” followed by a space in any chat or share this link.

Fast Scrolling for Attachments

Telegram has made some improvements to the attachment menu. It now scrolls at super-fast speeds similar to the Shared Media feature. Additionally, users can time travel through their chats more efficiently by pulling down on the date bar. These enhancements help users quickly navigate through their chats and find the specific attachment or message they’re looking for.

Improved Interfaces  Telegram Features

Telegram has recently introduced several new features that improve the user experience. One of these features is the “Send When Online” option, which requires fewer taps. Users can hold down the Send button in chats where they can see their partner’s last seen time to send messages when the recipient is online.

Another feature is the ability to create groups without adding members immediately. This is useful if you want to set up permissions and pin some messages before inviting members to the group.

On the latest iPhones, Telegram has added a new animation to profile pictures. When scrolling on profiles and info pages, profile pictures smoothly slide into the dynamic island. This adds a new level of visual appeal to the app on the iPhone 14 Pro devices.

For now, these are all the new features available to users of the Telegram app. As you can see, these are all every useful features that will add some value to our lives. Telegram will keep exploring and bringing new features to make the app even more useful. Whenever there is a new update, we will update our readers.

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