PS5 Pro and New Nintendo Switch Tipped to Go Head-to-Head

The speculations surrounding the Sony PS5 Pro keeps rising even though there is nothing official yet. Meanwhile the next Nintendo Switch is also on the rise. The handheld gaming console could also see a refreshed model soon, according to rumors. However, it looks like both consoles may share something together as far as launching is concerned.

Recent rumors suggest that Sony’s PS5 Pro and a new Nintendo Switch console could be launching around the same time. Leaker segamega99, who has been known to provide accurate information in the past, recently tweeted that both consoles will be releasing “soon.” But did not provide any specific details regarding their launch dates.

PS5 Pro and Nintendo Switch Pro are Currently Under Production PS5 Pro Nintendo Switch

It is believed that both companies are currently producing large quantities of the new consoles for wholesalers. These rumors come after Insider Gaming leaked that Sony is developing a PS5 Pro for a 2024 release. The new console is expected to be a mid-life cycle refresh of the base PS5. It will feature improved visuals and overall performance. Meanwhile, a new Switch model is rumored to be launching alongside the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet DLCs. These games are currently scheduled for a Winter 2023 release.

It’s worth noting that rumors about both consoles have been circulating for years. So, it is advisable that you take them with a grain of salt. Additionally, segamega99 referred to the new Nintendo console as the Nintendo Switch Pro. This goes to add fuel to rumors that it could be a mid-life-cycle refresh, rather than a true successor. Nintendo has repeatedly denied these rumors. However, the six-year-old Switch is gradually getting old. Fans are hoping for a true successor with improved battery life and fixes for the popular Joy-Con drift issue.

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One thing that still remains unclear is what games will be launching with the new consoles. But segamega99 previously tweeted that the next Nintendo console will come with some popular game titles. It will likely come with The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Splatoon on the same launch date. However, it is unknown if these will be entirely new games or simply upgrades of existing titles. Splatoon 3 was released less than a year ago. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set to be released soon, so it’s likely that any new games will take some time to develop.

Release Date of PS5 Pro and Nintendo Switch Pro are not Yet Confirmed PS5 Pro Nintendo Switch

While these rumors are exciting, it is important to remember that nothing is yet confirmed by Sony or Nintendo. Both companies are known for being quite secretive about their new products until they are ready for official announcements. Fans will have to wait for more information to be released before they can be certain about what the new consoles will offer and when they will be available.

Also, there is no solid report on the specifications of both consoles. Both will definitely come with some necessary upgrades over their respective predecessors. However, we cannot place a finger on the exact improvements that may come. At least, for the time being.

In conclusion, it seems likely that both Sony and Nintendo are working on new consoles. And there are rumors that they could be launching around the same time. Whether these consoles will be mid-life-cycle refreshes or entirely new products remains unknown for now. Fans are eager for more information but will have to wait for official announcements from the companies themselves.

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