Protect Your Privacy: The Simple Steps to Erasing Your Search History Forever

Google search history

If you do nothing, Google will collect all of your personal information whenever you perform any activity on YouTube or Google. Even if you clear your search history from your web browser, it still exists.

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But many of us do not like what Google does. Here’s how to properly clear your search history from Google and YouTube. To be honest, most of the work has been done by our friends at the Daily Star. So they deserve all the credit.

How to clear your phone’s search history

Obviously, there are several ways of clearing what you’ve searched on the web.

  1. When the YouTube app is open, tap and hold the history icon next to any suggested search results. In the pop-up that follows, simply tap “Remove.”
  2. You can also change your settings in the YouTube app if you want YouTube to stop storing anything related to what you have searched on the web.
  3. Select Settings > Manage all history by tapping your profile picture. When you see the option to save your YouTube history, simply uncheck the “Include your searches on YouTube” box.

One of the most practical aspects of Android is the Google Search application, which allows any Android user to get instant search results by tapping the search bar on the home screen. You can press and hold on certain search results to remove them from your phone’s history, similar to YouTube.

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Google search history

However, to completely erase them, you need to follow these instructions. They are simple. So we guess none of you will face difficulties:

  1. On your Android phone, launch the Google app, tap your profile picture, and select Search History.
  2. Tap Delete > Clear all to remove everything.
  3. To remove searches from a specific time period, simply select Delete > Delete a custom period.
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