Don’t Like Typing? You Can Now Call ChatGPT on Your Phone

ChatGPT Voice

The wonders of artificial intelligence don’t look like ending anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s like the game is just about beginning and we are yet to see more. The future of Artificial Intelligence looks exciting and scary at the same time. In as much as we are all excited to see what the future holds for AI, no one also knows how far it can go in future, and that makes it a bit scary. At least, if you are not scared for now, you may have heard that employees are losing their jobs to AI in recent weeks. It might be coming for your job next and that is the scary part.

Anyway, that is not what this article is about. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. As a matter of fact, it helps a lot of people to be able to accomplish a lot in a very short time. Many people are taking advantage of the capabilities of AI to do a lot nowadays. Well, let’s just say AI is actually here to make life a lot easier for everyone most especially, lazy people.

It is Now Possible to Have a Voice Conversation with ChatGPT  ChatGPT

Everyone has a bit of laziness in them, and this is why people never get tired of looking for easy ways of doing things. With AI tools like ChatGPT, all you have to do is to type your question. Once it gets your question, the rest is history. However, a third-party developer has found a way to make things a lot easier than typing. You can now pick up your phone and call a ChatGPT based chat bot. This bot is called “Call Annie” which was formerly called Sam. When you call the bot, it introduces itself as Samantha even though the developer changed the name to Annie. This is a bit confusing, but the bot works really well.

The bot has a special number that you need to dial in order to have a voice communication with it. To make the call, just dial 640-225-5726 on the website. After dialing the number, the bot will introduce itself with the statement:

Hello, this is Samantha. We can chat about your day, or I can help you learn new things. You can skip this message, see service terms and options by signing up on Also, this call is transcribed and sometimes I might be wrong, but you can ask me anything.

After the introduction, it remains quiet and wait for you to speak. You can ask it anything and it will reply just like ChatGPT. The difference here is that you are doing a voice communication rather than typing.

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Let’s say you have an important job interview coming up. With this service, you can practice a mock interview with Samantha over the phone. She will ask you some questions, including your name and some information about you. She will remember those details as you continue with the interview. It may feel strange to have a bot call you by your name, but it helps create a more realistic experience.

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You Must Have a Decent Voice Conversation Just Like ChatGPT ChatGPT Voice

Just like ChatGPT, there are some questions that when you ask Samantha, it will refuse to answer. As a matter of fact, she can even chastise you when you ask childish questions or try to mock her. The statement below happens to be one of the answers it gave for asking a childish question.

I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot fulfill that request as it is inappropriate and goes against OpenAI’s mission of creating safe and beneficial AI for all. It is important to recognize the potential harm and ethical considerations associated with promoting and normalizing violence. Let’s focus on more positive and productive topics.

As long as you ask relevant questions, you will have a great time talking to Samantha, just like doing it with ChatGPT. The bot uses the ChatGPT technology, so it responds like how OpenAI’s technology works. Just that you have the convenience of relaxing in the sofa and using your voice instead of typing.

How to Make a Voice Call with ChatGPT ChatGPT Voice

To interact with this AI, there are two ways through which you can make it possible. You can either sign-in online to call using your computer or smartphone. You can also download a live video app on you iPhone for a more visual experience with the bot. However, the iOS Privacy report shows that the live video app records a lot user data. Hence, it is advisable to stick with the voice calls for now.

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