Breaking: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Leaks Two Weeks Early

The Legend of Zelda

It happened again! Another highly-anticipated Nintendo game is making round around the web weeks before its release. This time around, we have one that probably stands as the most anticipated game for the remaining life cycle of the Nintendo Switch – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game was announced a few years ago and took a long time to develop. The sequel to the excellent Breath of the Wild that redefined the open-world genre had all its content leaked two weeks before its official launch.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ROM is spreading

On this Monday, images and videos appeared all across the web. They show the opening section of the game and started to be widely shared across social media websites and private discord channels. One player has even started to stream the game on Twitch for around 30 minutes. Obviously, the channel was removed “at the request of the copyright holder”.

We assume that Nintendo is in an internal crisis to contain the wave of leaks. However, considering that there are still two weeks before the launch, not much can be done. Once it’s on the web, you can never go back. The content will keep spreading. So if you want to avoid spoilers, it’s better to stay off certain social media websites.

Zelda Tears of the Kigndom

One of the most concerning details for Nintendo is that some of the media claim to show the game running via a PC emulator. VGC verified and it seems that the Tears of the Kingdom ROM is being shared illegally via online ROM websites. The ROM is being used to play via an emulator. A similar situation happened with the launch of Metroid Dread and with the latest Pokémon releases. All these games reached ROM websites before their actual release.

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At the same time, one physical retail copy of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom appeared to have been sold on an auction website this weekend. To recall, earlier this year, someone posted on Discord and Reddit claiming to show unreleased artwork from an upcoming book. Nintendo later applied for a subpoena in a bid to push Discord to reveal the author of those leaks.

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The latest official material from Nintendo was the third and final trailer for the game. Later on, the company updated the game’s website with a brief description of the game’s plot:

“Link begins his journey on one of the many mysterious floating islands that have suddenly appeared in the skies high above Hyrule,” it reads. “It’s there our hero will have to gain new abilities before returning to the surface world to begin his epic adventure.

“The sky isn’t the only thing that’s changed in Hyrule. Some familiar locations have been dramatically transformed. There are new towns, dank caves, and mysterious gaping chasms springing up across the world—all waiting to be explored.”

After a long waiting, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will finally reach the Nintendo Switch on May 12. However, with this HUGE leak, it will be hard for players to stay away from spoilers. The game probably stands as one of the last big releases for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t get me wrong, the Switch should keep getting more games in the future. However, we assume that there is a new Nintendo Switch model nearing the shores. That said, this probably will be one of the last big exclusives for the current Switch.

The first game – Zelda: Breath of the Wild – revamped the open-world segment introducing an innovative approach where you’re totally free to explore. The world invites you to uncover its mysteries. There is no kind of intrusive HUD or pointless quests. Everything was well developed to attract players and keep them engaged with the game.

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