HealthyPi 5: Raspberry Pi’s New Era in Health Monitoring


The HealthyPi 5 is a big leap forward in personal health technology. Thanks to the latest Raspberry Pi technology, we can now keep an eye on essential health details such as our breathing, oxygen level in our blood, heart rate, and body temperature. We expect it to be available from September 2023, which will likely change how we track our health data.

A Closer Look 

“HealthyPi 5 is a tool that anyone can use to keep track of vital health information,” says health tech expert Sam Mathews. “What makes it special is that it’s open-source, which means anyone can adapt and improve it.”



HealthyPi 5

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The HealthyPi 5 uses a chip from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so it’s easy to program. The device can connect to other devices wirelessly by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth thanks to its 40 pins for attaching sensors and other devices. It also has two ports for adding extra components.

The HealthyPi 5 comes with two extra components and a display screen. The screen is 3.5 inches across and shows images in good detail. One of the extra components has many connectors for adding even more devices, and it’s built to a safety standard called IEC 60601.

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How to Get a HealthyPi 5

Currently, HealthyPi 5 is being funded on a site called CrowdSupply. The basic kit costs $275 plus the cost of shipping. The display screen and the extra component with many connectors cost $45 and $75. But remember that there can be risks with funding projects this way.

“The HealthyPi 5 gives us a chance to rethink how we keep track of our health,” adds Mathews. “Because it’s open-source, we expect to see lots of new ideas and improvements from developers all over the world.”


The HealthyPi 5 is an exciting new device in personal health technology, making it easier for us to watch and learn about our health data. As we look forward to its release in September 2023, it’s clear that the HealthyPi 5 will change health monitoring significantly.

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