Use Password Managers? You Are the Target of This Vicious New Malware!

Password Managers

You might have heard about ViperSoftX. Yes, it is the same malware that has been after crypto wallets for a good while now. And this malware has recently evolved. It is not just targeting crypto wallets anymore. Instead, it is shifting its focus to target password managers.

As per the recent report, ViperSoftX is mainly targeting 1Password and KeePass. These two are among the best password managers out there. And that also means that they have tons of users. That is likely the reason why the malware is primarily focusing on those two at the moment.

ViperSoftX Shifts Its Focus to Password Managers

The thing is, ViperSoftX is not like how it once was. It now has strong code encryption. The malware has also become much better at hiding itself from antivirus tools. So, no matter how good your antivirus is, your password managers are at high risk!

Before, ViperSoftX was able to install a malicious Google Chrome extension named VenomSoftX. But according to Trend Micro researchers, the malware can now infect Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. At its early stage, it was found to be stealing cryptocurrency only. It did that through JavaScript-based remote access trojan. And it did not have what it took to go after password managers.


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But by 2022, Avast reported that ViperSoftX had revamped and become much more powerful than before. Avast claims that it has stopped about 100 thousand attacks on its customers from this malware throughout 2022. And most of the victims that it targeted were in Italy, US, India, and Brazil.

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Map illustrating the targeted countries since the beginning of 2022

At the current stage, ViperSoftX has extended its reach. Trend Micro detected prominent activities in Japan, Australia, France, Malaysia, and Taiwan. And it’s not like that only password managers and enterprises are being attacked. It is going after consumers too.

Analysts found that it often hides in activators and software cracks. So, if you do not want to lose your data stored password managers, you should only download and install legitimate apps and software.

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