Nothing Fold (1) Could Be the New King of Foldable Phones

Nothing Fold (1) concept

So far, Nothing only has one phone in its lineup, the Nothing Phone (1). And when it debuted, it revolutionized smartphone designs. Now, in case you missed it, Nothing is pretty much ready to debut the Phone (2), and it could also be shaping up the Nothing Fold (1).

While Nothing did not confirm the existence of Fold (1), the official Twitter account did put out a post. That specific tweet showcased a concept design of a Nothing foldable device. And at first glance, you will find it hard to deny that the designer did a great job making the concept. It sticks to the true essence of Nothing. To be exact, it feels so authentic that Nothing might eventually take inspiration from it.

Nothing Fold (1) Could Have LED Lights On the Hinge

The concept of Nothing Fold (1) comes from the designer Brandon Paul, who you might know as 3DPCat/BitJewel. He created some nice-looking renders that imagine a foldable device from Nothing. It got so much attention that the official Twitter account of Nothing has reshared it and credited the designer.

Nothing Fold (1) concept

One of the first highlights of the concept renders is the LED lights on the hinge. Of course, as we are talking about a foldable device from Nothing here, it needs to have some flashy lights! But the way that the designer envisioned the hinge design of Nothing Fold (1) is pretty interesting.

Nothing Fold (1)

The concept render appears to have a long strip of LED light with a smaller circular light on the top. Like found in the Nothing Phone (1), this LED design of the Fold (1) could act like a notification light. And if Nothing does move forward with this design, it would definitely be a very cool-looking foldable device.

Nothing Fold (1) Hinge

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Other than that, the concept of Nothing Fold (1) envisions the device with flat sides and a boxy hinge. Now even though it is just a concept, the foldable device looks impressively thin when at the folded stage. If Nothing manages to pull this design off, it can definitely be a better device than the Google Pixel Fold and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The Inner Display Is Where Things Get Very Interesting

The thing that gives away that this is nothing but a concept foldable device is the inner display. If you look closer, you will notice that the internal display appears to be made of glass. And if you have been keeping up with the launch of foldable devices, this material choice is basically considered impossible. So, if Nothing Fold (1) is actually in the making, do not expect it to feature glass in the internal display.

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Nothing Fold (1) inner display

What appears to be possible, though, is the extremely thin bezel. The unveiling of the Google Pixel Fold had one biggest criticism. It’s the huge bezels on the internal screen. And in my opinion, Google might have opted for such a design to avoid using an under-display front-facing camera. But Nothing Fold (1) could come with one.

That said, in case it wasn’t clear, I would like to clarify that all the info you read here is from the concept renders of Nothing Fold (1). Nothing might not have any plans to release a foldable phone anytime soon. At the time, the company is fully focused on releasing the Nothing Phone (2), which is expected to be a premium device. It will likely debut in July this year.

But as Nothing has reshared the concept renders of the Nothing Fold (1), there’s a chance that we might get official info about the actual device in the near future. And if anything comes up, we will keep you posted.

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