Will Google’s Bard AI Transform Pixel Phones with a New Homescreen Widget?

Will Google's Bard AI Transform Pixel Phones with a New Homescreen Widget

Right now, when Artificial intelligence is brought up in any space, you hear the war between Google and Microsoft. Of course, all this is geared up by ChatGpt vs. Bard AI. Everyone is curious about who will emerge as the victor between the two.

Suppose you’ve been following the subject closely. In that case, the Mountain View Firm is developing something behind closed doors. According to reports, Google plans to introduce its Bard AI as a home screen widget on Pixel phones and tablets. This could be an exciting development for those invested in the A.I. field.

Currently, you may access Bard AI only via its official website. However, note that it is region dependent if Google Is serious about Bard’s integration. Then it will be interesting to watch how this war folds out between Bard Ai, ChatGPT, and other AI-driven technologies.

Bard AI Widget Only Available to Pixel Devices

Like Chat GPT, Bard AI is also a generative artificial intelligence that we expect to change how our modern browsers work. The only difference as of the writing of the article between the two is that Bard AI can access the internet in real time. At the same time, Chat GPT knowledge is limited to 2021. That may sound like a win to Bard Ai, but it has its downside, mainly with limited access to its website. Google is preparing to address this limitation by launching a home screen widget exclusively for Pixel devices.

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The widget aims to make Bard more readily available to users. This move is similar to the deep integration of GPT-4 into Microsoft’s Edge and Bing, which has been successful for Microsoft. By bringing Bard AI to the forefront, Google hopes to strengthen its position in the A.I. market. It will be interesting to see how this competition between Google and Microsoft unfolds in the coming years.

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Homescreen Widget Features and Availability

9to5Google points out that Google wants to release the Homescreen Widget feature soonest as possible. This is very interesting that the annual Developers conference is just around the corner in a few days. Thus it will be interesting to see how Sundar Pichai and his team fold things up.

We are still waiting to see if Google will integrate Bard into their Search app or release it separately. Still, either option would significantly improve its current web-only accessibility. We still need to determine the exact functionality of the widget. Still, we expect it to serve a more direct purpose than providing a shortcut to a new conversation with Bard.

As usual, the owners of Google’s Pixel phones(Latest) will first taste the flavor of the Bard AI beyond the current web browser experience. However, Pixel owners can still bypass the waitlist since Bard is currently in a limited preview.

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