Windows 11 Mobile: This Could Be the Biggest Threat to Android and iOS

Windows mobile

Every big company you see today started from somewhere very low. Probably, they may have failed a couple of times before finally making it to the top. Even after becoming large companies, they still fail in many areas. We have seen a lot of big companies, starting something new and closing it down later on.

For example, Apple started “Ping” in 2010. Ping was supposed to be a social media platform for music. Apple integrated Ping into iTunes. This could allow users to follow their favorite artists. A user could also see what their friends were listening to as well as discovering new songs and albums. Users could also share their favorite songs, albums and artists with their followers. Followers also had options to like or comments on what others were sharing, just like they do on other social media platforms.

I guess you didn’t know about it right? Well, a lot of people never heard of it as well. The idea behind Ping was an excellent one that should have easily broken through. However, it died just two years after launching. Total failure due to some few reasons. We will leave the reasons behind its failure for later discussion.

Google is also one of the companies with a number of failed products. Google is one company that is well known for trying its hands on almost anything it comes across. In as much as the company has a couple of popular products and services, it surely has some other products that also failed miserably. Google Plus, Google Answers, Google Allo, Google Stadia, just to mention a few. Google started all these products and services and eventually regretted later.

Amongst all these companies, Microsoft stands tall as the company with one of the biggest products failures. The company surely has a couple of failed products like the Microsoft Encarta, Zune, Windows Vista and others. However, the failure of Windows Mobile overshadows all of these products.

I mean, considering how people were deeply rooted into the Windows operating system, Windows Mobile should easily be the most popular mobile operating system today. Microsoft believed in Windows Mobile with everything. The operating system did not have any other choice than to succeed. The company invested billions of Dollars into Windows Mobile. Windows store was integrated into many platforms around the globe and more developers kept getting on board each day.

Windows Mobile is One of the Biggest Failures of Microsoft Microsoft

Many phone manufacturers were also making phones for Windows Mobile. However, Microsoft went the extra mile to purchase Nokia. The company purchased Nokia’s smartphone brand for $7.2 billion just to push things further. There is no denying that Microsoft tried everything possible for Windows Mobile to succeed. However, it looks like luck was just lacking on their side.

Windows mobile had a 7-year lifespan. It began in the year 2010 and sadly ended in 2017. The fact is that a lot of people loved the operating system. And a return today will surely make some impacts. As to whether Microsoft is planning a comeback or not, there is a possibility of succeeding if it pays attention to this new Windows 11 concept.

Popular concept creator on YouTube, AR4789 has come out with a new Windows 11 Mobile concept video. This video should surely catch the attention of Microsoft if they plan for a comeback. Many of his followers are already loving the interface, features and functionalities of the new Windows 11 Mobile concept.

If this concept gets into reality, it will be a huge stepping-stone for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. It will surely grab a chunk of the market share from the likes of Android and iOS. The interface in the concept looks clean, well-polished and rich. It gives you the real feel of what Windows mobile experience should be. In the video, he highlighted features such as Start Menu, Widgets, File Explorer, different Desktop modes, as well as a new notification center.

Below, we will share some screenshots of the features and how they would work if they were to come to life.

Gesture and Desktop Mode


Just like any other mobile operating system, this new Windows 11 Mobile concept also uses gestures for navigating. However, this particular gesture controls have something extra. Apart from the normal swipe to go back gesture, you can also swipe and hold to display all background running apps. At the very top of the background running apps, you also get to open a whole new desktop or get into existing desktops.  This will help the user diversify multitasking feature and organize their tasks.

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Windows 11 Mobile Widgets

Widgets 1

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The real Windows mobile had widgets which were arranged in the form of tiles. In as much as those tiles were useful, they were not interactive enough. This concept converts the tiles into real interactive widgets which look more useful and beautiful. It also allows for creating of widget folders where a user can be able to arrange apps in each folder. In all, a user can create a whole new desktop just for widgets and be able to rename the desktop to any name they want.

Also, users could customize the lock screen to accommodate some widgets. This means, you can be able to place specific widgets on the lock screen. With this, you wouldn’t have to unlock your device whenever you need to access that particular app.

Windows 11 Mobile Start Menu Windows 11 Mobile

A windows Mobile operating system cannot be complete without the popular Start Menu. The concept displayed a start menu at the center on the lower part of the screen. A tap on it will reveal the user’s favorite apps and recent apps. However, if the user wants to access all their apps, they only need to tap on the “All Apps” button at the top right side.

Judging from how the favorite apps work, it looks like it happens automatically. The user would not have to manually arrange their favorite apps. The system may use AI to do this automatically based on how they interacts with the apps.

Windows 11 Mobile File Explorer and Settings

Windows 11 Mobile
Windows Mobile

This concepts also brings in a popular feature from the desktop version of Windows OS. Just like on the desktop version, the File Explorer features shortcuts to apps like Documents, Downloads, Music, Photos etc.

It also brings the search bar which is located at the very top. With this, users can easily search for anything on the phone and on the web as well.

Unlike the old Windows Mobile, this concept brings real mobile view Settings to life. The Settings page looks more polished, simple and colorful. It also comes with a search button which can quickly lead you to any settings feature on your device.

Other Features and Functions

Windows 11 Mobile
Windows Mobile

As an operating system, it comes with so much to talk about. Apart from the features above, there are other areas that are worth mentioning. For example, we have the notification center just like we have on Android and iOS. This displays new notifications as well as a couple of shortcut triggers.

Also, it comes with dark mode which the user could turn on by a single tap of a button. This completely changes all parts of the phone’s interface to a darker view. It also switches the interface of all apps to their dark versions.


This concept truly breaths some form of new life into Windows Mobile. It looks nothing like the old system, neither from the interface nor features. This kind of operating system could easily work hand-in-hand with the desktop version to ensure a real seamless experience. It is just a concept, but it makes a lot of sense.

If I were to be Microsoft, the sight of this concept would definitely make me consider a rebirth of the Windows Mobile. And guess what, the creator of this concept will surely be part of my design team.

In case Microsoft considers coming back to the Windows Mobile with features and interface similar to this concept, will you purchase a Windows phone? I surely will, you can also leave your response in the comment sections. Hopefully, this could become a reality someday.

You can Watch the Full Concept Video Below


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  1. May 12, 2023

    This is laughable. Microsoft cant even get Windows 11 working without a keyboard on a touchscreen laptop tablet like the Surface series. Microsoft is too Wintel to make it on Mobile because to make things work on Mobile, they need to rewrite Windows for ARM which they are clearly unable to execute seeing the failure of Windows RT.

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