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Google Search

OpenAI should be considered for some of the usurpers of Google’s glory. While the search giant promised to revolutionize with AI, it was OpenAI that managed to start it with its ChatGPT. Microsoft saw the opportunity to overtake the search giant and make Bing more relevant. The AI-powered Bing uses ChatGPT prowess and is way beyond what it used to be before the integration. With Google I/O, the search giant decided to reveal its answer for the AI-powered Bing search. The Google Search will soon be revamped with the power of AI.

Google Search will have generative AI tech

The reports about AI on Google Search started to appear this week in light of the imminent Google I/O. Now, the company has pretty much confirmed this. The event has AI at its center, and after introducing a neat AI feature for Gmail, Google confirmed that its AI is coming to Google Search results.

The announcement was made by Cathy Edwards, the VP of Engineering at Google. She used the example of a family looking to decide between vacation destinations, Google would compile all info it can gather. Further, the AI will gather and summarize the pros and cons of each spot.  Under the AI briefing, users can find an option to “Ask a follow-up” question or click on the suggested questions to ask. Asking these questions will take the searcher to a new Conversational mode.

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Google Search

Worth noting that the AI takes will not be limited to this single application. Edwards shows that it can narrow down the choices for someone looking to buy a bike for their commute. It will also mix deals, reviews, and blog posts to offer the most information possible.

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The AI-powered Google Search is already a reality – Waitlist is up for US residents

The AI version of Google Search will also gather and remember previous searches. So you can recap the previous searches and “remember” your previous queries. The company already has a waitlist for the new version of Google Search, and it’s possible to join through this link. Worth noting, however, that only US residents will have access to it for now. We expect the company to expand the rollout of the feature in the coming months. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer. After all, while Google keeps doing tests, ChatGPT is there conquering more space. The company is gradually extending Bard’s coverage, so we think that it’s just a matter of time until Google Search with AI reaches all users.

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  1. May 11, 2023

    It will be interesting to compare the AI search systems of both Google and Bing and examine the differences in their algorithms. It’s important to understand how to work with AI to get good results. So it’s not just a matter of using a search engine