iPhone 15 Pro Max to be sole model featuring periscope camera

iPhone periscope camera

Leaks about the new iPhone 15 lineup are coming every day. The latest one suggests that only iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature the new Apple periscope camera. It will reportedly use 6x optical zoom, which is a significant improvement compared to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple periscope camera is surely great news for iPhone fans, but buyers of other models could become mad. Also, even the 6x optical zoom is still behind the competition, i.e. Samsung, which uses 10x zoom for a fourth consecutive year.

We have seen that 10x zoom has been introduced in Samsung Galaxy S20 in 2020. Since then, every Samsung flagship packs this technology, while almost all others are behind it. The situation with Apple is going to be the same because Apple periscope camera will still lag. Cameras on iPhones have always been top-notch, but not everyone is satisfied with them. It is notable that Apple often needs more time to adapt to new market conditions.

iPhone camera

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Will the Apple Periscope camera come to cheaper models?

As for the smaller model, i.e. iPhone 15 Pro, the latest rumor says that it will remain with the same camera lenses as iPhone 14 Pro Max. It means that it will get max. 3x optical zoom, which is a drawback when compared with iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Increasing the optical zoom range in the Apple periscope camera means that your photos taken from a distance will be significantly better. The current iPhone uses max 3x optical zoom, while further zooming needs to be digital, which results in pixelated photos.

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The reason Apple diversifies its products in this fashion is actually expected, taking into account its business philosophy in the past. The new Apple periscope camera will make iPhone 15 Pro Max more competitive. Yet, it obviously needs to differ from cheaper ones.

It is still unclear which kind of sensor will Apple use neither in the iPhone 15 Pro Max nor in other models which will be announced in September.


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