[Exclusive] iPhone Users VS Android Users, Which of Them is More Concerned About Their Home Security?

Do you believe that your choice of a particular product says a lot about who you really are? Yes, it surely does. Who you are, your personality as well as the way you react to things around you can go the long way to determine your products of choice. This is one of the main reasons why the argument between Android users and iPhone users may never end. For example, if you ask iPhone users the reason why they chose iOS over Android, most of them speak of privacy and security. (As if Android devices do not have privacy and security features). Ask Android users the same question. Most of them will mention freedom, flexibility and customization.

For this reason, Vivint has conducted a survey to find out who cares more about the security for their homes between Android and iPhone users. Vivint is a company that deals in sales, installation and management of home security and smart home systems. Vivint conducted the survey on 1,000 Americans, 500 iPhone users and 500 Android users.

This survey was about their home security and experience for the year 2023. Amongst the 1,000 participants, 65% of them were males while 35% were females. Averagely, their age was around 35 years.

The question on the floor was, which of these users are more likely to monitor their homes using home security smartphone apps. It turned out that Apple users care a bit more about their home security than Android users.

The Breakdown: Who is More Likely to Monitor their Homes Using Security Apps, iPhone User or Android User? Android vs Apple Users

The results of the survey showed that Apple users were 15% more likely to monitor their homes with security apps. In the first place, it looks like Apple users fancy security system more than Android users. From the results of the survey, it has proven that Android users are 10% less likely to have security systems in their homes. However, the question of who has security systems in their homes, both parties were more likely to protect their valuables.

When it comes to full smart home experience, Apple users also take the lead here. Most Apple users said they would love to install a full security system that creates smart homes. This will give them full remote access to most electronic devices and other accessories in their homes. Full smart home experience came out to be Apple users second most common motivations.

On the other hand, most Android users would rather watch out for neighborhood crimes. They would rather install smart home security systems to monitor crimes in their neighborhood. Having remote access to their homes is not really their priority. Also, the survey proves that Android users care more about their kids than Apple users. Remote access actually stood third on the Android side. However, their fifth motivation is about monitoring their kids. Apple users do not seem to have this motivation because, monitoring their kids did not make it to their top 5.

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Who Cares More About Money, Android or iPhone Users? Android vs Apple Users

If you tried to guess the answer to this, I’m quite sure your first answer may definitely be right. This survey has confirmed one characteristic of Apple users. The claims that Apple users care about their money more than Android users is finally confirmed. All thanks to this survey by Vivint. According to the results from the survey, money comes first on Apple users’ motivation list. On the other hand, caring about money does not seem to be the main priority of Android users.

It turned out that over 38% of Apple users care more about the security of their monies. Android users would rather prioritize protecting the laptops over money. The result showed that 33% of Android users cared more about the security of their money. This also makes it the last priority on the top 5 list of Android users.

Who Has More Security Systems, Android Users or iPhone Users? Android vs Apple Users

Over here the result looks a bit twisted. This is because Android users would like to have more security systems than iPhone / Apple users. On the flip side, Apple users tend to spend more money on security systems than Android users. The average Android user would like to have 4 security systems in their homes while Apple users want to have 3 on an average. When you flip the coin to the expenditure side, the average Apple user spends about $792 on security systems each year. Android users trail with $648 spent on security systems every year.

The last question was about keeping a security camera running 25/7. Apple users also showed more concern here than Android users. 45% of Apple users revealed that they didn’t mind leaving the security camera running 24/7. Only 39% of Android users said yes to the same question.


At the end of the day, both Android users and Apple users have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to home security. For example, more Apple users have been victims of porch piracy than Android users. On the other hand, more Apple users may be able to identify theft cases. This is because a higher percentage of them are more likely to leave the security cameras on 24/7 than Android users. Android vs Apple Users

Another point to note is that more Apple users would rather buy a home with security systems than Android users. However, the difference is not much between both parties. On an average about 91% both Android and Apple users would like to purchase homes with security systems. This means, home sellers are more likely to sell their homes faster if they install home security systems before selling.

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