Top 10 Documentaries to watch on Netflix right now

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After our selection of the Top 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows, we continue with the recommendations for the Top 10 Netflix Documentaries you simply must watch.

We did not focus on a single genre, but rather on diversification. On this list, you will find mostly interesting scientific and historical documentaries, as well as one about pets, and one about geopolitical issues.

A trip to infinity – Top 10 Netflix Documentaries

Sci Fi netflix docu-movie

What is infinity? For some, it’s just a mathematical term, mostly known as the result of dividing by zero. However, if you want to expand your horizon, this film tries to visualize the complex tangle of the universe. It is far beyond our ability to understand in a simple way, without complicated equations. Nevertheless, you might find this work interesting, because it stimulates your brain. Watching it is a good idea if you’ve lost in the emptiness of social media.

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Black holes – The edge of all we know

Black Holes Netflix

Black holes are great stuff for science lovers focused on space exploration. Where the laws of physics cease to exist, scientists try to figure out what lies behind them. It is more or less known how black holes are formed, but their functioning and purpose is still a puzzle even for scientists. The latest research on black holes shows that they may not be what we thought. They seem to open up many new questions and leave scientists bewildered.

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Life in outer space – Exoplanets

Life in outer space Netflix

Since the new powerful telescopes were launched into Earth’s orbit, NASA has begun to discover planets outside the solar system. Based on the latest research, this one deals with the possibility of life on other planets. In the last two decades, many different worlds have been found. Many of them with various combinations of chemical compounds, that could create conditions for the development of living organisms.

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Ancient Apocalypse – Top 10 Netflix Documentaries

Ancient apocalypse netflix

Don’t worry. This is not another Ancient Aliens. This one takes a slightly more serious approach and deals with the possibility that the generally accepted theories about the origin of our civilization may be wrong. In any case, this Th show questions established theories and tries to bring a slightly different approach to archaeological research.

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Inside the mind of a cat

Mind of a cat

Are you a dog or a cat person? Or both? Personally, I like both, but things are not that simple. A dog is truly man’s best friend. If you trained him well, he will be loyal to you until the last day. On the other hand, they are not your pets. You are theirs. However, regardless of the cats’ different nature as a pet, they are more “grateful” for maintenance. You don’t have to walk them three times a day, they are way cleaner than dogs, and you have to train them to make your pleasant company.

This movie deals with the latest knowledge about these animals and how their brain works. Regardless of stereotypes, research shows that balls of fur are far more complex creatures than we thought. If you have a cat or want to get one, definitely take a look at this interesting movie. However, this movie looks kind of unfinished. It seems that it needs a sequel to get into many other details of the cat’s life.

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Roman Empire – Top 10 Netflix Documentaries

My favorite genre. This three-season series tells us about the life of one of the three most prominent Roman emperors in each season. Commodus, Julius Caesar, who was not really an emperor, and Caligula, popular by his nickname “Mad Emperor”.

The series is actually a real pleasure to watch if you like history. What I wasn’t really excited about was the fact that there are only three seasons. At least the Roman Empire offers unlimited inspiration for depicting historical events.

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Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Another empire, a little newer than the Romans, but no less powerful and brutal. This series depicts the rise of Sultan Mehmed II, who expanded his territory at a very large scale. The consequence was the siege of Constantinople. With the fall of the last Byzantium city, a new era begins in European and Mediterranean history.

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WW2 in Color – Top 10 Netflix Documentaries

Excellent achievement in the colorization of authentic historical footage. This docu-series covers the major events in WW2, from the very beginning, i.e. Hitler’s invasion of Poland. As you may already know, this stunned the world with a previously unseen warfare tactic – Blitzkrieg. There are also many other interesting episodes. One of them is the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which dragged the USA into the conflict. Of course, the battle for Stalingrad is included too, since it was the turning point. We should also mention the D-Day, i.e. the Allied landing on Normandy. The last episode tells the story of the first use of nuclear weapons, i.e. US bombing of Hiroshima.

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The Long Road to the War – Top 10 Netflix Documentaries

An excellent movie that tells not so much about the events of WW1 itself, but about everything that preceded it. This is helpful if you’re wondering what the reasons for this conflict really were. The assassination in Sarajevo was only a breaking point. Austria used it as a pretext to invade Serbia, but the roots of the conflict are more complex. UK, Germany, and Russia played a more important role in these tough times than the Balkans, where the spark was ignited. If you want to understand the causes of the First World War in a short period of time, you must watch this.

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The coming war on China

A geopolitical docu movie with a longer duration. The multiple award-winning Australian-British journalist John Pilger made this film in 2016. Right before Donald Trump took office. Events that followed actually confirmed many theses presented in the film. Pilger travels to the Marshall Islands, which served as an American site for testing nukes in the 1950s. There they were examining the effects of radiation on the human body. In the other half, he explains the issue of surrounding China with US military bases. This also includes the nuclear arsenal, which seems to be just waiting for the wrong step of the counterpart. The author deals with the causes of today’s bad US-Chinese relations and the possibility of a coming war between the two powers..  The story starts with the opium wars of the heyday of British colonialism.

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