All Vehicles in Europe and UK are About to Get Android Auto Thanks to Motorola MA1 Adapter

Motorola Android Auto

Technological advancement in vehicles is growing at a faster pace. All vehicle manufacturers try to introduce something new whenever they launch a new vehicle. Most of these technologies are not just meant to entertain the driver. They are also available to help the driver access other features of the vehicle easily.

A notable example of which is Android Auto. Android Auto helps the driver keep his hands off his smartphone while driving. This is because they are able to access most of the smartphone’s features right on the infotainment screen.

Most of the new high-end vehicles come with this feature. But not all vehicles have it. Android Auto first came into existence in 2015. Therefore, all vehicles that were launched before 2015 lack the feature.

Motorola MA1 Android Auto Adapter is Coming to UK and Europe Motorola Android Auto

If you lack the Android Auto feature in your vehicle, worry no more. Motorola’s MA1 Android Auto adapter may just be the right thing for you. This new adapter comes fully packed with all the Android Auto experience for your vehicles.

A new report has it that the Motorola MA1 adapter is making its way to the UK and Europe. Motorola’s licensed brand, ‘Motorola Sound’ has sent an email to its customers this week. The content of the email suggests that the company is planning to officially sell the Motorola MA1. This time around, the targets are customers in the UK and European countries.

The email confirms that the adapter is already available. However, that does not really look to be the case. Currently, Motorola sells the MA1 adapter in the US via Amazon. Hence, the company may follow suit it the UK and Europe as well.

Availability and Price of the Motorola MA1 Android Auto Adapter Motorola Android Auto

Currently, the Motorola MA1 adapter is listed on both Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. The UK listing does not have any price attached to it. The Germany listing however comes with a price tag of €89.99. Hence, we can confirm that this will be the price for the European market. Both listing are not shipping at the moment.

Hopefully, we will have the official price for the UK market very soon. As soon as shipping begins, we will also update our readers. Stay tuned and keep visiting GizChina for more information. We will keep updating our readers as soon as there is a new development. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. In this case, you will not miss any important news of your interest.


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