Iris recognition has been rumored for the ZTE Blade S6 as of last month, but a new incremental update has now brought the rumored feature …

ZTE Blade S6 users will soon be able to use a very nice feature to unlock their phone by their “Eyeprint ID”, the cool feature …

ZTE have once again made an unexpected decision and have launched their Blade S6 Plus internationally through Ebay.

The Blade S6 series of phones from ZTE look like they take inspiration from the iPhone, but the devices are well-worth, at least on paper, in themselves.

The ZTE Blade S6 is already a popular phone, but according to a listing, another version of the phone — the Blade S6 Plus — is already getting popular.

ZTE really managed to create a stir with the Blade S6, now they hope for similar success with the larger 5.5-inch ZTE Q7-C.

The eye-pleasing ZTE Blade S6 is now on pre-order is Malaysia, but is it affordable enough?

While Meizu were having fun in Beijing with the launch of the m1, ZTE were also busy releasing details of their ZTE Blade S6.

The ZTE Blade S6 will go on sale soon, and is ZTEā€™s crack at making money with an iPhone 6 clone. For any of you wanting to know what the resulting product looks like you only need to see these leaked photos.