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    Hi Friends

    Has anyone used shop-n-ship by Aramex mail fwd service to buy a phone from China to India? I think its cheaper than opting for FexEX/DHL as the sellers charge heavily and as per their choice for shipping. For the same package some sellers charge $10 and some upto $100 !!!

    But they offer free shipping to China. So can we ask the seller to ship the phone to shop-n-ship address at China and then shop-n-ship will ship it to India ? What you say ?

    Thank you.



    Lots of people use Shop n Ship for getting all kinds of stuff from China..including mobiles. S & S will transport your mobile from china to india by air..clear customs for you and ship by local courier to you..check their web site for all info…


    Abhishek Pal

    Can you help me with the details, coz I wanted to order a phone. I thought to order it from orientdeal but don’t want to loose my hard earned money.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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