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    So. I’m with my x2 about a month, and today it fall down from my hands, from 1 meter in the ground, and literally cracked and scratched all the screen. That Umi is my second experience with chinese phones.

    I have an old Jiayu G3 who I bought here in Brazil, and it falls down much times in six months of use, put him in the same pants pocket where I put my keys, and nothing happened.

    I bought the G4, because I loved my experience with Jiayu brand, but they have problems and I have to switch my order with the X2.

    I’m really sorry to have chosen by UMI and moreover had to complete the value.

    So, Andy, or other adm for the site, if you can help me making a post, or simple spreading it happened, because i doubt that the umi brand or pandawill will gave me attention, i’m will be a very happy person. 😀

    I gonna put here the photos and the video for the screen :




    Sorry to hear your having problems,I just bought this phone and I am waiting for delivery. I hope the current model is made better.
    I hope you get this sorted out..
    I check out my phone once i receive it.



    How cool would it be if thew Gorilla glass company had a list of manufacturers with model numbers of phones they have supplied their glass too on a website they could update. so rather than rely on Chinese manufacturers to tell us the truth we can see for ourselves from Gorilla if they have real GG or not.

    and OP: the UMI X2 is very poor build quality, its a now widely circulated fact 🙂




    i want the to real list regarding the “1000 product models” that aren’t listed. If you don’t see iphone on the list, something is wrong.

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