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    Hi, my question is regarding WCDMA bands in chinese phones… Mexico only supports 850 WCDMA and *always* i like a phone, they are always 900/2100 mhz… or 2100, or watever but never 850.

    I had just decided to buy the Faea F1 when i started investigating about chinese phones, but then i just realized it was 900/2100 mhz. Phones are pretty expensive in my country and this chinese phones look awesome and with awesome prices too, but seriously, what’s the point in launching a phone to international markets if it isn’t “internationally” capable in 3g terms…

    SO, is there a way to unlock wcdma bands? There has to be one, or something i can do. I even contacted the manufacturer and no reply yet since a week ago.

    Also, i noticed the Faea F2 does support 850 mhz wcdma but there are no reviews yet, i’ve investigated and i don’t even know if it has been launched.



    It may be possible to unlock other bands using an app like Mobile Uncle Tools which allows you to access Engineering mode. However, the phone needs to have the hardware inside, i.e. a radio chip tuned to the right frequency.

    Mobile uncle shows that the JiaYu G4 supports 900MHz but actually it doesn’t, so it’s very confusing.

    I agree with you – it would be great if the Chinese companies produced phones that supported all 3G frequencies so that they are suitable for the international market. (4G support would be a bonus also).

    The only phone I could see that appears to have support across all WCDMA bands is the ZTE V987 (or the older V980). There may be others but this one seems to be guaranteed.



    what Berticus has said is correct, even if the phone shows the band as available it needs the radio and receiver on that frequency installed into it. so its not possible.

    Every radio is extra money, hence why the chinese phones tend to stick to as few as possible. most single sim phones however will support 850/900/1900/2100 all in one though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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