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    Hi Giz China Readers

    I need your help regarding the mic noise/distortion only during calls bcuz it is driving me crazy.

    i bought it from a friend, without warranty, although the cell is new. warranty claim is almost impossible under my circumstances.
    the problem arises only during calls and the other party tells me the noise comes and goes; it is not permanent. my side is fine. i don’t hear any noise.
    i opened the device to see if anything is wrong. the mic -Ve and +VE seemed touching each other. so i separated them and re soldered.

    The problem is still there. the mic is fine during voice recording, camcorder etc…. tired mobile uncle tools engineering mode setting but did not work. any help would be highly appreciated.




    Disable the noise cancellation function.

    Open up dialpad, click menu/setting, find it in there.
    I don’t have my phone rite now, so i can’t exactly remember where the menu.

    if its not there, then dive into android setting, find phone/call setting, disable the noise cancellation there.



    thanks MrMocha for the prompt reply,

    I did what you said, i helped a lot. but the problem is still there, only the frequency decreased.
    i am using lewa rom 13.08.15. before that i treid the official 4.1.2 and then the mod of official version from

    also tried changing network. can you please describe your situation and the solutions you used before finally eliminating the problem

    Thanks for your time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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