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    I am curious as to what is the most popular phone OR phone manufacturer company among Chinese? And why?



    Xiaomi…At lease my guess.



    Why Xiaomi? Is it Because there products are very good? Even better than the Chinese giants like Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE?



    The international brands Samsung, Apple are the most popular if people can afford them. The Chinese brands are at the end of the day just an economical choice.

    Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, XiaoMi are seen as quality home grown choices. Thus slightly higher prices.

    ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo are big brands with broad range and quite powerful flagships to compete with the premium end. Lenovo and Huawei are generally more preferred but I do like the ZTE Z5 if it was not so expensive. With the Mini now out, thats a good possibility.

    Then there are what are the budget brands that focus on the MTK Platforms i.e Zopo, THL, Jiayu, iOcean, TCL, Hisense. TCL, Hisense are the most established brand as they also do many appliances. They are seen as economical and I would say their 6589T editions are now trying to touch the mid to low high end market. But their focus is more on getting something OK for sub 300 USD. 200 USD in the case of some XiaoCai. For some reason, I have some fascination with this new thing X9 Pro that they are planning. Now I hope it won’t explode in my hands or anyone elses. 😉



    Xiaomi recently became no.1 seller in China. Quality products are reasonable prices.
    Have also heard good things about Meizu, Xiaomi and ZTE.
    My only gripe is that they don’t make dual SIM phones 🙁
    So I plan to buy phone based on the Mediatek 6589T chip.
    On major problem with buying direct from China is that getting after sales service is difficult. So I am still undecided and seeking information as to which brand the most reliable.

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