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    Just wanted to hear some advice from you guys. Is the business worth it knowing that there is competition out there? Is the market big enough? And also, do more people want a cheap tablet, or the top of the line Chinese tablets for example, that can rival the quality of the Ipad, Nexus etc, at half the price? More features, etc…?

    Thanks so much!



    I guess the big advantage for a consumer like me is having reliable reviews, accurate specs and someone who can speak english when I have a question. That’s why I follow this site, because it is people I trust and generally don’t have a vested interest. I guess that is one of my reservations to the constant questions about a Gizchina store, once they are making money from products its a lot harder for them to be independent with their reviews.



    One possibility if there was someone trusted who was based in China (completely separate to this site of course, cant drag Andi and the rest into it) would be to organise a lot of people who wanted the same device and then put the money together, buy it direct from the manufacturer and get the chinese organiser to send them out, compensating the organiser of course. There are warranty issues, damage on delivery etc to worry about with that but might be another idea



    Excuse me this man want to open his own web store and asking for help/advice. He is not talking about to open Web store.
    Sorry mate, I have no experience but the most important thing is honesty in business. To deliver what you advertise. Tell the truth to the customers.
    Both types of people are there. Some want cheaper products and some want costlier products competing with the known brands but relatively cheaper. Good luck.



    Thanks Arsalan! But also thanks to the above who chimed in as well. Just not exactly what I was looking for! :p



    Hi, the competition is already very saturated. Its very hard to beat sites like etotalk, merimobiles etc on price. If you plan a better level of service than them then your prices and margins go up and the later down further.

    Finding a reliable supplier is very hard as with Chinese supplier are notorious for sending out duds, fakes etc unless you can find a trusted source.

    Then if you plan to base the storage outside of China there is a problem with clearing customs.

    Not easy by any means.



    If you can get the prices down to the level like they do in China the go for it. But I have found English sellers selling on eBay sell the product for way to much. And funnily there post time can take weeks where if I buy something from China I get in 5 days. It would be great to have someone who speaks English. So far I have no problems with sellers I use DHgate



    People would have more confidence in buying from a seller based in their own country and who can provide good after sales service. Buyers are likely to pay slightly more for these benefits.
    One such seller operating in a similar niche market is


    Hello Friends
    Thanks for your interest in Chinese brand smart phone and tablet ,
    If you want to do this business , i think i can help you
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    Best Regards

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