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    Rolf Janssen

    Hi guys,
    i just say the ad on Gizchina wich said someting about xiaomi, so i clicked 😛
    They claim to sell xiaomi Mi2s 16gb for less then 300 dollars,
    and the 32gb for less then 400,

    Does anyone know if this is real, or can anyone place a ad on gizchina?

    Rolf janssen

    Just found this on the abouth us section.
    Shenzhen Cayan Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company who engages in marketing, sales and service of mobile intelligent terminal products. Umi is one of Chinese best mobile smartphone brands which exerts to create intelligent terminal products. The best selling POMP smartphone is Umi x2 …

    Look fishy



    Looks too good to be true another con merchant trying to lure us? Funny about the confusion with umi in the footer.


    Rolf Janssen

    Yeah, i mailed to [email protected] and they immediately changed it >.>
    But apparently they own.

    inewmobilestore.com(its even posted as a legit site on gizchina https://www.gizchina.com/2013/08/27/inew-i6000-advanced-20-discount/ )
    And a jiayu store (cant remember wich one)

    And this is what they mailed me back:
    “thanks for your tips , our xiaomi site not official store, but we sell oirginal cellphone.

    [email protected]

    im kinda confused right now :\ because it seems all legit, cayanmobile even has a gizchina account.
    but it looks to good to be true



    Cayanmobile has posted on these forums several times. I know what you are thinking, it is very tempting and it is really too good to be true as most reasonably reputable resellers I have seen don’t sell the 2s for much less than 399 USD + Postage. If this reseller is legit they may have some serious in roads into XiaoMi’s distribution channels thus can take a lower margin of profit. But 299 + DHL postage is still too expensive to try and sometimes its better safe than to be sorry especially with sellers based in China as I know they can be master “Lurers”. I suggest if you must try then if site takes paypal, screenshot all the presentation of the site and perhaps get a written statement from seller saying they are selling legit XiaoMi Mi2s with xx Storage, use their DHL delivery option if they don’t have it then don’t bother. Then should you not receive the goods or receive a fake shell. There is a chance you can take it with PayPal for a charge back as I have had some success this way with PayPal before after being “Lured” myself, they do take it quite seriously when merchants use them to sell and lure people with fake goods 😉


    Rolf Janssen

    Hi, Konged
    thanks for your tips, but i think u are right. too good to be true :C
    Also i dont have much experience with paypal, so i dont think im going to take the risk.
    I’m gonna go back to spemall i gues, 358.00 wasnt that bad either.

    have a nice day,
    Rolf janssen



    Checkout page adds 96$ for DHL.. lol.. phone costs 394$.


    Rolf Janssen

    hmm it says $57 DHL or $10 Flat Rate to the netherlands :\
    But im not going to take the risk anyways 😛


    Hi, Yes cayan[email protected] seems to come up everywhere. They seem to have purchased domain from Ainol tablet to Jiaju phones to Onda tablets – nice looking sites, all seem to be the same.

    The prices seem a bit too affordable! – As I have warned people on my website:

    Please beware of purchasing any product be it Runbo, Samsung, iPhones even the famous Chinese brands like Meizu, Xiaomi, Zopo, etc. from a seller on ebay or bidorbuy or the Chinese Aliexpress if you don’t know them! Firstly every product is copied in China! You have no idea if the product you are buying is original and even if it is original the seller is responsible for your guarantee. If you have a problem with the product you are basically on your own. I have had request from the USA. Australia and India, customers needing spares or repairs and they cannot get hold of the seller or the seller refuses to help them! Please purchase whatever product from a registered agent or distributor or directly from the manufacturer.
    I am not implying that there is any fault with ebay, bidorbuy or Aliepress, these are all good platforms. These companies try there best to get rid of bad sellers but will not be able to protect you from copy products or assist you with after sales service especially if that seller has been removed from the platform or has closed down their online store.




    Rolf Janssen

    I dont know, never heard of it before, and i cant really find out what the site is about :\ its all italian and i dont really understand it. but i wouldnt order anything from that site if thats what they claim to do. Xiaomi says they are working on international sales. even on their facefoob they say to people that they sell international soon.



    wow, so expensive, i found it on 1buy.com, just US$236.99 with worldwide free shipping.

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