Letv appears to be working on at least one smart TV launch for the Indian market sometime soon.

We’ve compiled a list of top 25 Chinese phones that bring price and functionality together.

After taking on the Chinese phone market and winning, LeTV are turning their attention to fastest growing phone market, India!

Rumours about a Xiaomi laptop have been doing round since ages, but this new development will confirm its existence once and for all.

This morning UMi sent out a press release entitled “UMI Zero 2 To Feature 4GB of RAM & Helio X20?”. We think the answer is …

Elephone have launched their Elephone Trunk, an entry-level phone that they hope will compete against the likes of the Xiaomi Redmi, but don’t scoff too soon as this little phone is surprisingly good!

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 was very recently spotted at a certification authority in China. Could the 22nd September Xiaomi event have more than just the Mi 4c?

UMi have announced that the UMi Fair, one of the most affordable fingerprint phones, will launch 25th September — exactly a week from now.

I was over in China at the ZUK launch last week and since then I have been using the ZUK Z1 alongside the OP2 and learned a few interesting things about this new flagship.

If you have been following LeTV you will know that their entry level model is the X600, but not for long as the X500 has been sighted on Antutu with impressive starter specs.

Following in the footsteps of Elephone and their Ele Watch, Mlais have gone ahead and teased their own Android Wear powered smartwatch.

If you’d been sleeping under a rock all this while, good morning! Find the top 5 news bits from the past week (popularity wise) in one place here.

Siswoo have pounced on a gap in the market and launched an updated version of the C50 Longbow with LTE support for major U.S carriers.

Xiaomi have released a Special version of their router series named the “Router 2048” after the 2TB of on board storage it holds.

HTC is not very well known for their mid range offerings, which are often overpriced and simply not worth it. We started seeing a slight …

As we get into the final quarter of the year, leaks and rumours around the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 keep getting denser… here’s another!

Reports coming in from China suggest that the hot Chinese phonemaker Xiaomi could well ditch Qualcomm in favour of homebrew SoCs in the coming time.

Xiaomi are batting down the hatches and digging in for the long haul. The once exciting brand to watch is now playing it safe by launching more and more variants on a familiar theme. The Xiaomi Mi4C is a great example of this.

Wileyfox is a brand new smartphone brand based in the UK, and they’re looking to enter the competitive smartphone with a big bang. Their two …

ZUK understand that being a spin off brand from Lenovo is going to attract comparisons with OnePlus and Oppo, but they more I spoke to the team behind the company the more I realised they are really rather different.