Pretty sure you all didn’t know that there is a new Meizu on the way, and low and behold it looks lie it’ll be an ‘S’ of some description.

UMi just launched the UMi Diamond. A smartphone with a dual glass design which gives it a premium feeling while keeping the price low. Let’s check it out!

Portable projectors are the favourite gadget-to-go for all the company presentations, but lately even the home usage can utilize the small and easy to carry …

LeEco recently revealed that it would launch phones in the U.S and the States side version of their phone could be powered be a 14nm chipset!

Is this phone the new budget king? The XIaomi Redmi Note 4 has 10 cores, an aluminum body and a 4100mAh battery. Xiaomi has another winner on it’s hands.

GizChina has received the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and we give you a quick look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Priced low but specced high, it is a great option!

Tomorrow Google will launch the Pixel phone, and while we don’t know who has made it yet it seems increasingly likely it wasn’t Huawei.

These are the 5 Chinese phones that everyone is talking about this week!

The Xiaomi Mi Box is finally official in the US after months of speculation.

LeEco’s Le Pro 3 is incredibly popular, selling it’s entire first batch in 15 seconds! With flagship level specs at a third of the price, it’s no wonder!

It seems some people just won’t accept that Meizu have moved on from Samsung and are happy using Mediatek chips,

Xiaomi surprised us again, after announcing the Mi 5S, they launched the bigger brother Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus which looks nothing alike!

iNew released some more info about the upcoming iNew Pandora R9, the smartphones for selfie-lovers. Let’s check them out!

LeEco have finally unveiled their much awaited Le Pro 3 and it seems to have caught the attention of many. Thus we now go through …

LeEco have announced their new flagship phone and with it there is good news and bad news. If you had been following the LeEco rumours …

Sure the rest of the tech world is talking about the iPhone 7, but what about Chinese phones that will be available this month like the Nubia Z11.

ZTE have officially announced the 5.2-inch ZTE Axon 7 Mini at IFA with a similar Axon 7 design but mid range hardware.

India’s Reliance Jio have finally announced their data and voice plans. Free voice calling, texts, and super affordable 4G LTE data are the takeaways!

Gionee, you’re no longer the only company with a security-centric flagship, meet the new 360 Q5 and Q5 Plus smartphones.

The Nexbox A1 TV box comes with an octa-core processor of its own, has 2GB RAM and decodes 4K video.