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Review of the Vernee’s first Helio X20 phone, the Vernee Apollo Lite.

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Top 5 Best Car Dash Cams

Deciding which car dash cam to buy is a relatively important matter as you’re most likely going to keep using it for years before upgrading …

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AZDOME Christmas Deals

Did you receive a present you didn’t really like for Christmas and are looking for something that will actually make you happy? Maybe you need …

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AZDOME Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and maybe you still haven’t bought yourself or your beloved car anything? We all know that selecting Christmas presents …

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AZDOME dash cam manufacturer is one of the better regarded companies in China and abroad, due to their leading technology and high user experience in …

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ANKER ROAV vs AZDOME A305: Screen Showdown

Dash cam screens are obviously a really important factor when purchasing this kind of device. Because whether you like it or not, that’s where you’ll …

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One of the world’s largest dashcam manufacturer decided that Black Friday deals weren’t enough for this shopping seasons and decided to launch yet another promo, …

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Azdome Black Friday

Tomorrow’s Black Friday and as you probably well know it’s the day every store puts down the best deals they can to attract the most …

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Azdome Black Friday

If you were looking to buy a dashcam for a long time and you’ve been waiting for a good deal to get one, then now …

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If you were busy on November 11th and couldn’t manage to take advantage of the insane amount of deals that went on for Chinese’ Single’s …

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While video resolution is still a very important factor in car dash cameras, other aspects such as external appearance, design, compactness and night vision capabilities …

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AZDOME 11.11

Double Eleven a.k.a. 11.11 is here. Chinese’s Single’s Day ultimate shopping carnival has arrived and tons of deals are waiting for you. In this article …

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Chinese car dash cam manufacturer AZDOME have just released a video showing off the night vision capabilities of their upcoming AZDOME A305. Let’s check out …

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Azdome 11.11

As you will be aware by now – if you follow Chinese tech very closely – November 11th or 11.11 is the ultimate shopping day …

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As one of China’s largest dash cam manufacturers, AZDOME has been investing a lot into R&D and production of new devices, allowing them to now …

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The Vernee Apollo X is the most well rounded phone Vernee has released to date, and that’s a good thing. Read this full review to find out why!

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MGCOOL Explorer ES

MGCOOL are slowly, but steadily establishing foothold in the world of action cameras and with their primary focus on the cheaper end of the market …

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Kehan C821N

If you’re in need of a car dashcam, the Kehan C821N is a solid option that comes at a very interesting price (about $70).

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Kehan C60

Action cameras are pretty popular gadgets among the active sporty people and with more and more manufacturers releasing their products the price is constantly dropping. …

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Kehan is a recently born electronics manufacturer which produces action cams, vlog cameras and IP cams, but they don’t stop at that. Kehan also produces high-end car …

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