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Besides Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 845 expected to hit the market in 2018, being placed in the majority of High-End smartphones, Samsung also have prepared …

Samsung have built a memorable legacy with the manufacture of chipsets, components and DRAM memories. The company announced today the start of mass production of …

It was just a flirt and possibly ended guys. After a highly successful (and profitable) year with Samsung and Qualcomm working together to produce the …

snapdragon 835

We all knew it was coming and now that it is finally official we know exactly what to look forward to in up and coming flagship phones!

It’s almost like we can’t go a week without more Huawei news, and today it concerns the upcoming Huawei Mate 9 and it’s new power plant.

mediatek helio x30

With Mediatek already having launched the Helio X20 and Helio X25, rumours have moved on to the Mediatek Helio X30 culminating in these purported details.

samsung 10nm

Forget your 28nm and 20nm, forget even the rumoured 16nm from Huawei! Samsung will be releasing 10nm based SoC’s in the near future.