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It’s time for another upcoming Motorola handset to make an earlier apparition. For those following closely the news regarding the future Moto devices, the Moto …

MGCOOL Cam 360

The MGCOOL Cam 360 has been out for a while now but only today MGCOOL has released a video of it going underwater, how will it look?

MGCOOL Cam 360

The MGCOOL Cam 360 is an interessing 360 degree video recording camera. What features make it special, though? Let’s find out!

The MGCOOL Cam 360 comes with a dual fisheye lens setup to achieve a better 360 panoramic video. But how does it work?

EleCam 360 Player

If you own MGCOOL’s 360 action camera you’ll be glad to know the company released a new software to play with the video footage.

mgcool 360 waterproof case

MGCOOL just launched the MGCOOL 360 camera waterproof case for those who want to film 360 degree video underwater.

protruly d7 360 camera phone

We’re lucky that the Chinese phone world is where most of the world first happen, and today is no exception with 2 x 360 camera phones spied at TENAA.

elephone elecam 360

360 video, or VR video, is becoming more mainstream and Chinese brands have been early to jump on board, but it is surprising to see Elephone in the mix.

amkov amk100s 360 degree action camera

If you like filming the action and you love the idea of VR then you are going to need a 360 degree camera. Luckily Chinese …