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Energizer HARDCASE H500S

Marseille, June 19th 2018 – Avenir Telecom, under the Energizer licence, announced the launch of its new addition to the HARDCASE range of rugged and …

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Marseille, France, 5th June 2018 – Avenir Telecom, the exclusive licensee for Energizer® mobile phones and accessories, announced its entry into Thailand with a complete …

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Energizer - HARDCASE H550S

Marseille, France, 23rd May 2018 – Avenir Telecom, under the Energizer® license, has designed three ranges of mobile and smartphones with great battery autonomy to …

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Energizer® ENERGY E20

Flip phones always have a soft spot in our hearts even after the advent of the more functional smartphones. Avenir Telecom and famous battery manufacturer …

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Energizer® HARDCASE H240S

French phone manufacturer Avenir Telecom in partnership with Energizer® have just announced the launch of the Energizer® HARDCASE H240S, the 1st 4G rugged bar phone …

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