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Keysfan Father’s Day Sale: Office 2021 from $13.73, Windows 10 from $6.21!

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Buy Windows 10 Pro license for $16 and Office for $27 in Mid-Year Sale (Save up to 91%)

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How to enable God Mode on Windows 11

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The latest patent by Microsoft has revealed the details of their alleged Surface/Andromeda phone with a 360-degree hinge. The patent details a 360-degree design along …

The rumors of a newest Microsoft folding tablet are gaining force in the recent months with leaks and clues suggesting the US company look towards …


Around 2009, in Microsoft headquarters, a group led by Xbox godfather J. Allard, was developing a two-screen foldable tablet that would come with a stylus …


The past week have been an agitated one for Microsoft. The US company finally announced the death of the Windows mobile and that their next …

Chuwi SurBook

The Chuwi SurBook is an affordable and powerful Microsoft Surface Pro alternative that is currently crushing it over at Indiegogo. Indeed their campaign has reached 2559% the …

As a result of a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Lenovo, all Lenovo phones will now ship with Microsoft apps pre-installed. Yay or nay?

xiaomi mi5 unboxing

Xiaomi and Microsoft have announced a partnership today which will see Microsoft apps preinstalled on Xiaomi phones in the future.

Cyanogen Inc. CEO Kirt McMaster has announced that their firm is in a pact with Microsoft, for the Cortana voice assistant for Cyanogen OS ROMs.

Yesterday it was announced that Microsoft would work with Xiaomi to test Windows 10 in China, but it won’t just be Xiaomi fans who enjoy the optional system, the Nubia Z9 will also get it too.

We reported early this week that CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, visited Xiaomi’s head offices in Beijing, the reason for the meeting? Possibly the launch of a $50 Xiaomi Windows phone.

Microsoft’s Nokia has been teasing a successor to its first ever Android smartphone, the Nokia X. Presumably dubbed Nokia X2, the smartphone is expected to be released very soon.

Micromax just launched two new smartphones, both of which run on the Windows Phone 8.1 OS, and come with easy-on-the-wallet price tags.

Microsoft has been feeling the heat emanating from Google’s Android for quite a while now, and the company is now taking effort to make its Windows Phone platform available to a wider audience.

Two of Nokia’s next-gen smartphones, the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 930 just went official. Succeeding the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 925 respectively, both devices get bumps in specs sheet to match those from other manufacturers.

After briefly disappearing on Sunday night for “unusual user rating activities” Chinese software security firms, Qihoo 360’s mobile applications have been reinstated on to the …

Microsoft have been taking a bit of a back seat in the smartphone and tablet market, but this slowly does it approach seems to be …

Eedoo and Lenovo’s ebox games console is due for launch this June, 8 months later than originally planned! Originally the controller-less home game console was …

China Mobile and Mircosoft aren’t the most charismatic companies in the world, yes they’re big (both are the biggest in their fields in fact) but …