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Samsung rebooted it midrange segment after numerous critics of the large and confuse portfolio of devices other than Note or S series. With that premise, …

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blackview a8

If you thought camera-centric phones were also expensive phones then think again, as Blackview are aiming to bring iPhone level photo quality to below $100 phones.

The very affordable Lenovo Golden Warrior A8 is all set to go on sale in China starting August 11th in China Mobile and China Unicom flavours.

The ever-expanding maker from China, Lenovo, have announced the Lenovo Golden Warrior A8, successor to the previously announced Golden Warrior S8.

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Dawa’s D8 Android tablet has finally been given the all clear and will be on sale later this month. The smart looking white backed devices …

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iPhone 4 clones have been around for a while and this, the A8 was one of the first clones to really get the external appearance …