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Summer is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture in some cool outdoor activities in the colder months. If you take that chance, then …

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MGCOOL Explorer 2C

The MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the latest premium touch-enabled action camera launched by the Chinese accessories maker. In order to celebrate its launch, MGCOOL partnered …

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MGCOOL Explorer 1S VS YI 4K

The MGCOOL Explorer 1S is a premium action camera which is able to capture 4K images and videos; the cam is also water-resistant up to …

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As many of you may know, MGCOOL are a relatively new and emerging action cameras and accessories manufacturer coming out of China. They’ve been growing so …

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Father’s day is just around the corner and you probably still didn’t get anything for your father. Well, MGCOOL thinks he would be really happy …

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In occasion of Geekbuying’s 5th year anniversary, MGCOOL have decided to partner up with the online Chinese retailer to bring a good deal on the …

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mgcool explorer pro

If some of you were looking for a good deal on an action camera then this might be for you. Online retailer Gearbest is indeed …

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly 4K action cam? Then look no more. You can now get the MGCOOL Explorer Pro for just $39.99 over …

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Recently launched MGCOOL Explorer Pro has been warmly welcomed by users as it features the innovative 6G “SharkEye” technology to remove video distortion, it can …

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

Just after the success of the MGCOOL Explorer 1S and the more budget-friendly Explorer ES, MGCOOL have decided to launch yet another action cam, it’s …

MGCOOL have been pretty active this spring with the launch of three action cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer, Explorer 1S and Explorer ES. These cameras are …

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MGCOOL Explorer 1S VS YI 4K

Since GoPro has revolutionized the action camera world, plenty of old and new camera manufacturers have jumped on the tech trend. Many of them offer …

MGCOOL Explorer

After much anticipation, the MGCOOL Explorer is finally out in the wild. Today, we have an unboxing from the company that will show us what …

MGCOOL Explorer 4K gearbest

The MGCOOL Explorer 4K action camera is finally on sale. You can get one now for $49.99 at the pre-order price. Full specs inside!

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MGCOOL Explorer 2

The upcoming MGCOOL Explorer 2 will feature a new orange tint, while that may not add any performance it sure does look different from the usual.

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MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL just launched the MGCOOL Explorer 1S, another 4K action camera that they’ll be adding up to their lineup. Enter to know the specs!

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MGCOOL Explorer Launched

MGCOOL officially launched the MGCOOL Explorer, a new 4K camera aimed at people with a low budget. Here you’ll find all the specs!

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MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL begins this 2017 with two new cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 2. Both cameras can shoot 4k videos and more.

Elephone eleCam Explorer S

Elephone just released some info about the upcoming Elephone eleCam Explorer S. If you’re into action cameras then come read about it!

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MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL are going “all-in” with the creation of their next action camera. The MGCOOL Explorer 2 will in fact be able to shoot 4K videos at …

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