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GizChina readers have been asking how they can post their own news, articles, reviews and how to’s and now it’s possible to post your own content through anytime!

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2013 has been a stellar year for us and we are really honoured to have such a wonderful audience of Chinese tech fans! So what have been the most viewed articles on GizChina this past year? Find out here.

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There are plenty of guides and how to articles on the web describing how you can ROOT your Android phone, but not many are as easy and straight forward as Framaroot.

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Thanks to all of you, is growing and expanding at a fantastic rate, and as many of you have asked here are a few ways you can get more out of the site and be a part of the Gizchina community!

The long long wait is almost over and the UMi X2 is not showing up on Chinese sites in unboxing articles, the first of which notes the curved Gorilla Glass display on the phone.

Gizchina is growing from strength to strength and with all the great Chinese phone and gadgets flooding on to the market we are looking to …

The dual-core Jiayu G3 Android smart phone is currently in a state of limbo with some stores claiming it is on sale while other say …

So you have an Android tablet with no Android Market, you have tried our many how to hacks and you still can’t get a store …

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Siri has been finally ported to the iPhone 4! Siri on your iPhone 4 now! These are headlines similar to what have been popping up …

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We all know Apple computers are super easy to use, and we also know that the Android OS found on many a smart-phones and soon …

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This isn’t going to be an Android Tablet bashing post, but rather a precautionary word in your shell like (ear, if you’re not familiar with …

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