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zte axon mini premium

If you checked out our hands on and first impressions of the ZTE Axom Mini Premium yesterday, you might be interested to know that the …

The ZTE Axon mini is a pretty-looking bling phone touted as a OnePlus competitor. It is now on sale in the UK.

Over in Shenzhen earlier today, ZTE confirmed the global availability of the ZTE Axon Mini while also showing off the rest of the ZTE Axon range.

zte axon mini nba

ZTE have added a new phone to their Axon line-up with the new ZTE Axon Mini. Smaller on size but not on price.

With a 5.2-inch display. Force touch, SD cad support and dual SIM LTE, the ZTE Axon Mini is a breath of fresh air in a world of 5.5-inch flagships.

ZTE’s been on quite a roll lately. After announcing the Axon smartphone for the US, the Chinese maker has announced the force touch powered ZTE Axon Mini.