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blackview bv5000 review

If you happen to be the owner of the rugged Blackview BV5000 smartphone then you will be wanting to keep an eye on your OTA’s next month.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

If you are the owner of a rugged Blackview BV5000 then watch out for another OTA update starting today.

Blackview have gone for a rugged phone for their top of the range phone of the year, here is our Blackview BV5000 unboxing.

We’ve seen the power of the BV5000: it is strong enough to serve as a cutting board in the kitchen and withstand coats of paint, …

Blackview have shown their rugged BV5000 phone take abuse in a number of scenarios, but this latest video shows the phone survive a multitude of abuse and still come back for more.

blackview bv5000

Blackview have asked us to share details of their big BV5000 giveaway, where they are offering a total of 12 BV5000 phones up for grabs.

blackview bv5000

If the features ‘rugged’, ‘large battery’ and ‘style’ appeal to you then Blackview’s upcoming giveaway is one for you to watch.

Blackview are eager to show off how tough the rugged BV5000 hence the above video showing the phone going through a serious of punishing test. …

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

Blackview are so confident in the strength and durability of their Blackview BV5000 that they have subjected the rugged smartphone to a couple of bizzare tests.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

Rugged phones remain to be a niche product, but one that Chinese phone makers are eager to conquer. The newest of the breed so far is the Blackview BV5000.