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meizu e

Meizu’s E phone (now believed to mean “Elite”) has been leaked again now with a new remote car application preinstalled.

zotye driverless suv

Zotye, a smaller Chinese car maker specialising in budget cars, has released plans to launch a driverless SUV later this year.

letv supercar

Xiaomi are rumoured to be working on an electric car, but it is LeTV who have confirmed they are going ahead with an Electric Vehicle and have already made major hires.

Zotye T700 Porsche Macan Clone

Porsche SUV’s are either a love or hate design, but it is neither here nor there at their high pricing, unless of course you are in China where you can pick of the Zotye T700 for under $30,000.

landwind x7

Chinese car maker Land Wind are set to launch their Land Wind X7 in China shortly much to the anger of Jaguar Land Rover bosses who say the car is a clone of the Evoque!

chery eq electirc car

Chery have taken their all important QQ supermini and given it an electric drivetrain for environmentally conscious Chinese motorists.

geely gc9

Geely, the Chinese automaker who owns Volvo, have a new flagship saloon with aggressive styling ready to pounce on the market at home and abroad.

We visit the Qingdao International Auto Show 2013 for a UMi X2 Vs. JiaYu G4 camera shootout! Keep reading for lots of photo and video samples from these flagship Mediatek phones!

When you hear the phrase “World’s Cheapest Car” your thoughts will probably end up being whipped up in to a frenzy around the terrible looking …

BYD (Build Your Dreams, the Chinese car company behind such cars as the BYD F0 (Toyota Aigo clone) have announced that they will be setting …