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Chuwi Hi12


Popularity of tablet aspect ratios are changing like the wind throughout the short history of the gadget type. First following the rise of grandpa iPad …

Chuwi Hi12

Chuwi Hi12 is one of the most interesting non-Core M tablets on the market, but the optional keyboard dock is in fact not optional at …

The delivery guy had it easy this week with only 2 phones and a tablet arriving at the GizChina offices, take a look at what …

chuwi hi12 launch

In an interesting move, tablet maker Chuwi have decided to live Tweet the launch of their 12-inch Chuwi Hi12 dual boot tablet.

chuwi hi12 windows tablet

Chuwi are testing the waters and leaking details of their forthcoming 12-inch Chuwi Hi12 Windows tablet due for launch in January 2016.