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CHUWI MiniBook

CHUWI MiniBook

The new pocket laptop CHUWI MiniBook hit the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform just yesterday and the makers announced that the first day has been actually pretty …

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CHUWI MiniBook

At 14:00 UTC today on June 19th, the ultra-portable laptop CHUWI MiniBook just got  officially launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The tiny laptop has …

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CHUWI MiniBook

We have already covered the announcement for the tiny pocket laptop CHUWI MiniBook and the upcoming plans to send it to crowdfunding waters via Indiegogo. …

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CHUWI MiniBook

The latest addition to the extensive CHUWI laptop lineup of models is the ultra portable tiny CHUWI MiniBook and the makers released the first hands-on …

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CHUWI MiniBook

CHUWI is going to launch their first UMPC model CHUWI MiniBook in 20 days on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and today we have for you …

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Chinese laptop makers CHUWI are pumping out pretty good models with a staggering pace recently and both the Herobook and AeroBook are very intesting pieces …

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