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The CHUWI brand has quite a good experience with crowdfunded products and their latest installment in the series managed quite well once again. CHUWI Ubook …

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The crowdfunding campaign for the new CHUWI Ubook 2-in-1 convertible tablet is apparently going pretty well and the supporters already reached some stretch goals including …

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The new CHUWI UBook 2-in-1 convertible crowdfunding campaign is successfully on the way for quite a while on Kickstarter, but today the makers decided to …

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The newest 2-in-1 tablet model from the CHUWI has just launched today its Kickstarter campaign and the shiny CHUWI UBook is looking like a significant …

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chuwi ubook

The CHUWI Ubook is the latest Win10 2-in-1 tablet PC from the Chinese manufacturer that comes with a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ m Processor-m3 6Y30, …

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chuwi ubook

CHUWI Ubook is about to be launched at the crowd-funding platform: Kickstarter. Now, you can register to the mailbox on CHUWI’s official website to get …

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