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colawe w550

Good news for everyone still waiting for the Colawe Rio W550! The company has confirmed they will be launching with higher specs!

rio android smartphone

New brand Colawe have a question that they hope that readers can help them with, and it’s all about spec.

colawe rio amoled

Keeping with their promise to release more video, Colawe have today posted the first real video of their Rio phone on Facebook.

colawe rio amoled

Colawe have just published a video introduction to their new Colawe W550 smartphone on their Facebook page with more video promised soon.

colawe rio amoled

Earlier this morning Colawe released the first official photo of the Colawe Rio showing off the budget phone’s AMOLED display.

colawe rio w550

Colawe have announced that they will be updating their Facebook page every hour today showing a new render of their Rio phone, with a competition coming tomorrow.