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Chinese authorities have busted a smuggling ring that was using drones to ship $80 million worth Apple iPhone devices from Hong Kong to China. Curiously, …

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OnePlus announced that one batch of shipments of the One to Europe that couldn’t get through customs would take another 2 weeks before getting delivered to respective buyers.

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Black Monday

Would you like to buy the Xiaomi Mi3 but think it is too expensive? Then the Black Monday organized by is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

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One of the fastest growing smartphone markets, India, is finally beginning to get its due share of Chinese technology! Chinese maker OPPO has hinted at operations that might start in the country soon.

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Well it’s Monday here in China so that can only mean one thing! It’s the start of the Gizchina UMi X2 Giveaway! Details and link to enter after the jump!

If you have been keeping up with the development of Chinese made Android tablets you will have no doubt come across the amazing Grefu M97-2 …

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Smuggling Apple products from the tax haven that is Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland is nothing new, but these smugglers are creating newer and …

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  One of the most asked questions we get here at Gizchina is “How do I buy those awesome gadgets you write about?”. Here are …

  Xiaomi have their production facilities running on overtime to bring their first ever smartphone to the market with as little delay as possible.

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Smugglers, trying to make a profit from the tax differences between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, have been caught after their pulley and zip-line …

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Shenzhen customs officers rounded up a gang of housewives smuggling iPad’s and cell phones from HongKong to the mainland last month. The group of 14 …

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Sounds like the chaps at Beijing Customs had some fun yesterday afternoon smashing up more than 10,000 counterfeit phones. The imitation Nokia, Sony and Samsung …

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If your planning to travel from HongKong to the Mainland you may want to leave your iPad behind. As previously posted Chinese customs officials decided …

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