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Doogee f7

Doogee F7

Snow is not the only thing falling these days, prices of some phones are too. For example who would have thought you can get a …

Doogee F7

It’s a fresh new year, and what better than to celebrate it with a giveaway? You guessed right, we’re giving away a flagship phone — the Doogee F7!

Doogee F7

Xiaomi Redmi series is one of the most popular budget or lower midrange choice not just in China, but more or less anywhere else. So …

doogee f7 hands on

It’s been a very busy day (you can probably tell by the lack of updates) but I managed to get my hands on a few things I can show you (and some I can’t yet) like the latest Doogee flagship.

doogee f7 helio x20 2k phone

Doogee posted a press release today for their purported Doogee F7 phone which could be the first Helio X20 phone and boast 2K panel and force touch.