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Since its inception, the fingerprint scanner has been occupying several positions on smartphones. In its earlier days, we’ve seen home-button like fingerprint scanners that have …

DOOV X11 Pro

Chinese brand – DOOV – just launched a smartphone that could make both iOS and Android fans happy – meet the DOOV X11 Pro. The …

doov a11

Doov aren’t a brand that get much coverage outside of China, but the company has been going for a good few years now and continues …

doov l5 plus

Chinese phone shoppers have another stylish, slim phone to choose from today in the form of the newly announced DOOV L5 Plus smartphone.

TENAA are certainly putting in the overtime today, with the Oppo R5 certifiied and ready to go on sale and now the DOOV V1 rotating camera phone turning up for approval.

doov s2l hero

For a company usually ahead of the game, Mediatek are doing a poor job of jumping on board the LTE bandwagon, but as the faster data service becomes more mainstream in China manufacturers are already hinting at the MTK LTE phones.

DOOV just launched the D330, which is a smartphone targeted at the fairer sex with featured such as a mirror cam, multiple colour variants, etc.

Normally a Carl Zeiss lens would be reserved for more expensive flagship phones, but Chinese phone maker DOOV have added one to their cheap DOOV D350.

Doov are carving out quite a niche for themselves in China as makers of smartphones with high-quality front camera. Their latest device, iSuper S2 continues this but with the added boost of octa-core power!

Since Oppo’s N1 launch Chinese phone makers have been looking carefully at the prospect of launching their own rotating camera phone, and DOOV may be the first with the release of the DOOV S3.

DOOV are one of the popular Chinese brands that we don’t get to hear about all that often. Their phones are usually available in stores …