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siswoo c55 hero

Siswoo’s mid range C55 is heading to Europe very soon, and they have also revealed more photos of their dual screen R9 darkmoon.

siswoo r9 darkmoon spy

The dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon has surfaced once again this time with photos showing the 2nd E-ink display in action.

umi zero 2 teaser

For those of you following UMi, you have no doubt been impressed by the UMi Iron specifications, but the UMi Zero 2 goes a step further with dual screen design!

Say hello to the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon, which looks like one of the most radical smartphones to be in development in China.

yotaphone tenaa

The dual screen Yotaphone has appeared at the TENAA database running TD-LTE especially for use on China Mobile.

meizu MX4 concept

A concept video of the Meizu MX4 has surfaced and is enough to make any Meizu fan week at the knees!

Philips have launched the W9588 with dual 3.5-inch screens and a MediaTek quad-core processor, albeit with (quite) a hefty price tag! Advertised as a smartphone …

Telcast’s ebook reader adds an extra colour screen for multimedia use.

HTC have just filed a trademark for the name ‘Scribe’. The filing names the device the Scribe name will be used on as a “Handheld …

Acer’s dual screen Iconia 14.1 inch laptop was on display for all to see at the recent Acer press conference. Although not the first dual …

This is what a future 15 inch Acer Dual Touchscreen laptop could look like. Not only does it look great, it also has some serious …